I Wish, I Wait

walking by, i find the flag,

in front of a stone engraved with your name

its the same as my father, but senior not junior

i stand there and wonder

of all the days you were alive

the wars you fought at home and abroad

the endless cigarettes you smoked

and cartoons you watched with your son

at your grave i stare and find a tear

slipping down my cheek

i never knew you,

but somehow that makes me sadder

so many days we never had together

so many things we never talked about

so many holidays without you

i wish of all the things that never happened

and never will

because as i sink down and sit in the grass

i look around to see the beautiful world

around this small cemetery and your tombstone

and i smile a sad sort of smile

because i wish i knew you

and i wish you knew me

i wish i could show you how beautiful the world is

and how well your son has raised his kids

i wish you knew i liked golf, like you did

i cant wait to see you again

and play golf with you in heaven.


Grave. — Poetry Prompts


Faithfully, I walk
Faithfully, I climb, I stand

I cannot believe
I do not believe.

I do not believe
In the one who needs it most
In the one who is lonely
In the one who is

Pleading, crying, screaming

I do not believe
In the one who can
In the one who is able
In the one who I used to love.

To the one who means no harm
To the one who needs love
To the one who tries so hard.

Unfaithful to her.

Unfaithful to me.

but it’s time I become faithful

to love myself, to love others,

and most of all

to love God.

Happy New Years

Must be Special

part of me really likes that the walls are thin and that i can hear your music and your voice-

because i can also hear you talking to her.

i can hear you laughing and smiling into your words. i can hear her questions and when her voice is quieter or loud without any cares.

i like how happy you two make each other, how comfortable you are together, how perfect you’ve become.

i like that you two talk all the time and that you can talk whenever.

must be really special,

to be so in love.

s t e r i l e

s t e r i l e

c o l d walls and w h i t e sheets with a smell of b l e a c h but at least it was c l e a n. A white curtain d i v i d e d room 207 in the CICU unit of the hospital. Walking down the b u s t l i n g hallway being passed by nurses and doctors some rushing some taking their time… S t o p p i n g outside his door you could just hear the

b e e p

b e e p

b e e p

b e e p

of the heart monitor that was making sure my daddy was still a l i v e throughout the days and nights. I z o n e d out the rest of the b e e p s and the nurses some laughing with patients till I could h e a r

one voice

the only voice… if I could just hear that voice i know I could keep myself strong. I walked into that s t e r i l e room and ran into the arms outstretched. Then I h e a r d it…

I heard his v o i c e

daddy …

“I’m going to be alright Beth”…





i l o v e y o u d a d d y❤️

In Her Head…

The chains that turn and shake with every

breath she takes makes her lovely smile

slip away. Her head that and every time

the chains shake her heart breaks a little

more each and every day. Her sobs can be

heard. Though under a pillow she hides,

but if you look at her face you will see that

she has smile that looks out of place. You

See she put up her mask before she fell and


that she has fallen she feels trapped in a

cell. she still is breaking from the chains

that are bound in her head, the chains that

hold her captive until there is nothing left

of the girl they once knew …who knows

maybe just maybe there is a way to escape

the chains that are in her head.